Vicki Spencer News

Vicki Spencer News




My Downloads!

My songs are now available on my downloads page. Please check out my daughter Jamie Perlow’s new website, listen to her great music, and watch her live videos.






My Dear friend Dion just released a new CD called  “ Tank Full Of Blues”, and a new book called  “Dion The Wanderer Talks Truth”. Both are great and you can find them at





Suzi Quatro!

I just reconnected with a great gal from my band days. Suzi Quatro. She has a new CD called "In The Spotlight" and a book called "Unzipped". She is a fantastic talent. Check here for all things "Suzi" at




Making New Memories

Clay Cole comes to Florida for Book signing!

Recently, I received a call from Clay Cole and was asked to help him promote his new book "Sh-Boom!... The Explosion of Rock 'N' Roll, 1953 - 1968" and the following Music video is a compilation of pictures both personal and from his fans. Strangely enough, the music was written way before the tour. And after listening to it the other day and looking at the pictures, it seemed only natural to combine them and to thank Clay once again for the "Sweet Memories".

I am so very sorry to have to give you all such sad news, but not long after we did the Book signing tour my Dear Friend , Clay Cole passed away. I am still devastated . I will miss his great smile and big heart. He was loved and will be missed. Rest in Peace Clay and God Bless.

Vocal by Jamie Perlow “Sweet Memories" Copyright 2010 Jamie Perlow
Written by: George Peel, Vicki Spencer, Jamie Perlow, David Perlow and Cory Jacobs. Video Production by Harry Perlow

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